Why Use Katman’s?

Catfish have thousands of scent receptors all over their bodies, which is why a super-smelly scented bait best attracts them. It doesn’t really matter what type of bait you use, but what does matter, is the right blend of ingredients working together to create a scent that fish can’t resist! Katman Catfish Bait (KCB) takes …

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Welcome to Katman Catfish Bait!

We appreciate that you’ve taken a moment out of your busy schedule to visit our company’s website. At Katman Catfish Bait (KCB), we are proud of our excellent products and we want you to feel free to browse our awesome line of bait formulas and sprays, as well as our top-notch accessories. We believe you …

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Katman’s Fishing Tips

Katman Catfish Bait would like to offer up a couple of fishing tips to help make your fishing experience positive and memorable. Tip #1 Perhaps one of the most exciting things about fishing is the moment you reel in a catch! However, how you handle the fish matters. Katman suggests treating caught fish as gently …

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