Katman Catfish Bait’s Back Story​

Katman Catfish Bait’s Back Story
Katman Catfish Bait (KCB) is the brainchild of founder and avid fisherman, Darryl Robinson, who as a young child was provided a pole by a complete stranger at Alondra Park Lake in Southern California. It was at Alondra Park Lake, that Darryl caught his first fish and needless to say, Darryl was hooked! However, it would be some years later before Darryl would actually get to return to fishing because as a child, his family didn’t have the means to afford the sport. Once Darryl was able to buy his first rod-and-reel, he would often fish the ocean, various lakes, rivers, and reservoirs throughout Southern California. Darryl began to take a very keen interest in catfish and how they were attracted to very strong odors.

Darryl began his journey of concocting the most-effective fish attractant possible. His goal was to create a line of products that would truly assist the novice and expert fisherman with increasing their chances of hooking catfish. Fast forward to today, and Katman Catfish Bait makes its debut with awesome formulas, powerful sprays, freshly cured and preserved cut mackerel, and an array of accessories for the family including: sleek All Sports Shades; stylish baseball caps, quality T-shirts, Koo-Zees; raised UV stickers in assorted colors; the Baity-Bait towel, and other accessories and apparel that are on the way!

Katman Catfish Bait wants to inspire young people, especially those living in urban areas, to pick up a pole and give fishing a try. Our company seeks to further connect people of all ages with the outdoors and with each other through the sport of fishing and via the use of our unique Katman Catfish Bait products. We pride ourselves on having created great fish attractants and scents that actually work and that can aid in taking away the FRUSTRATION out of not getting bites and replacing it with FUN FISHING! In the words of our founder, Darryl Robinson, “Fishing can give a person a peace of mind, a piece of nature, and a great deal of spanking new patience!”

KCB welcomes you, your family, and friends to our family of excellence! Please feel free to try our products. Although they were initially created with catfish in mind, we invite you to use them to catch other species of fish in both fresh and salt water environments. We are certain you will love our products and that you will return again and again to this website to order.

Now Go Fishing!