Katman’s Fishing Tips

Katman Catfish Bait would like to offer up a couple of fishing tips to help make your fishing experience positive and memorable.

Tip #1

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about fishing is the moment you reel in a catch! However, how you handle the fish matters. Katman suggests treating caught fish as gently as possible after reeling them in if you plan to catch and release. You may want to consider using Katman’s Grippy Grip to hold freshly caught fish in a humane and safe manner. Simply clamp Grippy Grip onto the lip of your catch and hold it horizontally for great picture taking.

Tip #2

Did you know that catfish bite a lot at night? Katman suggests that you consider baiting up using Katman’s Cut Mackerel marinated in one of its effective formulas! For best results, simply marinate the mackerel in your choice of catfish formula for 6-12 hours and Go Fishing!!